Why KIY ?

The KIY (Keep-It-Yourself) is designed to help non-technical users, the data owners, to safeguard their data themselves without technical services or support.  Why KIY is used in the following three area:

For SMEs and individuals

This is a cost-effective and manageable method to protect and safeguard their sensitive information since there is no technical services required.  There is no other cost besides KIY cost.

For government and big enterprises

The KIY technology is not intended to replace the existing security system.  Rather, it is an additional layer managed by the data users to fortify the existing security system further; making it more impenetrable to hackers and minimising the risk of internal and external attacks.

Decentralised Blockchain

The traditional centrally controlled security system would not fit in a decentralised Blockchain network.  The KIY is self-supported and self-serviced; a truly decentralised security system that supports data security and privacy protection on the decentralised Blockchain network.