The KIY Brand

Our brand philosophy is captured in 3 simple words:

Keep-It-Yourself  (KIY)

The only way for your data to be truly safe is to keep your data security control to yourself, without involving others.

If any outsider is involved in the security process, there is always a risk of data leakage.


Awarded Patents

  • Singapore Patent No. 158757

  • Singapore Patent No. 1201509123S

  • US Patent No. 9684783B2

  • European Union Patent No.

Patent pending in 15 markets including China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam etc.

Self Manage Key System

For every encrypted data, there is a encryption / decryption key.  The only way to control the data security is to manage the key yourself.

KIY generate and store the encryption / decryption key for user to control and manage himself.

Self Support with No Registration

Forgetting the registration, forgetting the password, lose of the device (PC or mobile) storing the encryption / decryption key.  These are the common problems of the traditional “others-dependent” security system which will cause protected data irretrievable and lost.

KIY allows user to support himself, reset the forgotten PIN, recover the lost key with no registration and involving no others.

Versatile Security System

KIY  can be integrated with any applications or services, to provide secure key storage for user to hold and control, to transfer the data security control from the service provider to the user, to let the service-user protecting his data involving no one else.