And so the story begins. In 2007, FAST filed the first patent for its hardware-based, user-controlled KEY management security system, KIY technology.

After receiving its first patent in 2010, FAST started improving the KIY technology to address the user issue of not having to register their security devices, forgotten passwords and recovery the loss of the KIY.

In 2015, FAST received the PCT (Patent Community Treaty) approval of the second patent for the worldwide market.

The second patent includes a self-authentication, and self-recovery key management system which allows the user to:

  • Reset the forgotten password themselves, with no registration.
  • Recover the lost KIY themselves, involving no others.

In 2016, FAST received its Singapore patent, and decided to open this user-controlled security system to all Cloud based applications and services.

Awarded Patents

● Singapore Patent No. 158757
● Singapore Patent No. 1201509123S
● US Patent No. 9684783B2
● European Union Patent No. EP 2997708 B1