KIY Partners

The KIY is a versatile security system that can be integrated with any application or service, this enables the user to transfer the data securely from the service provider to the user, and vice versa.

Currently, KIY is in partnership and works closely with the Healthcare industry to secure and protect sensitive medical data records.

FAST is also working with two application partners, who successfully integrated the KIY security system for the data-owner to store and backup.

Sensitive private information, photos or confidential business data is backed up to Cloud storage applications, like Dropbox or Google Drive, without worrying about cyber attacks, from hackers accessing the data.

They can also share or exchange the encrypted data with another KIY-user without involving any 3rd party.

Here is a brief description of the applications:


This is a data encryption software that allows users to store and backup their private or confidential business data to the Cloud, like Dropbox or Google Drive, to prevent data loss due to internet hacking.

It also serves as backup in the event your hard disk crashes etc. Once the KIY is plugged into your laptop or PC, the files are decrypted.

Once the KIY is pulled out, all the files are encrypted again and reveal nothing.

This gives the consumer peace of mind, and they do not have to worry about data being accessed by the Cloud operators.


This is a file encryption software that allows users to store, share confidential data through Cloud, email or portable data storage device like USB drive or HDD.

With the shared public key, the user allows the receiver on the other end to read his data, and vice versa.

These applications and services, integrated with the KIY, allows the user to control the data security themselves.

In the era of cyber security, the possibility of such tie-ups are limitless, as more and consumers become more savvy and know they have to secure and protect their personal data.