KIY Partners

KIY Partners


KIY, can be integrated with any applications or services, adding data security feature

or to transfer the data security control from the service provider to the user,

to let the service-user protecting his data without relying on the service provider.

KIY is looking for application and service provider partners who wish to:

  • Integrate with the KIY technology to add data security to the application or service.

  • Transfer the data security control back to the user, not to be responsible for user’s data security in order to fulfill privacy protection law like PDPA

  • Differentiate with all competitors who adopting the traditional “others-dependent” security.

KIY Partners

KIY Secured Applications


Here are applications and services, integrated with the KIY, allow users to control the data security themselves.

Hide-in-Cloud, a data encryption software that allows users to store and backup their privacy or confidential business data to Cloud, like Dropbox or Google Drive, to prevent data loss due to internet hacking, ransomware attack as well as backup hard disk crash etc.  At the same time without worrying data being accessed by the Cloud operators and their employee.

Cryptedfolder, a file encryption software that allows users to store, share confidential data through Cloud, email or portable data storage device like USB drive or HDD.