KIY Features

The unique feature of the KIY that is it a completely self managed system.

Normally when data is encrypted, there is an encryption-decryption key to unlock the information. The KIY adheres to the global AES (Advanced Encryption system) used by banks and reputable organisations and businesses.
The KIY provides following 3 features:

1. It protects your private information,
2. It enables you to share encrypted data with another KIY-user,
3. It acts as a high level Authenticator for payment, access control and product or service login.

KIY Benefits

1.   No Registration or sign in required, as the user holds the key.
Forgetting the registration login, forgetting the password, losing the device (PC or mobile) storing the encryption / decryption key, will become a thing of the past.

You reset it yourself!

The KIY allows the user to support himself, reset the forgotten PIN, recover the lost key with no registration and involving no one else.

These are the common problems faced by traditional security systems, which usually rely on external security providers.

This enables the user total autonomy to control the data security by managing the key himself.

2.  A rescue KIY has been created for the purposes of this recovery. Say bye to having to contact service providers and waiting for their response, which could take hours or days.

3.  The KIY is physically separated from the protected data.

Even if the encrypted data is stolen, lost or hacked, it is always safe because the key (stored inside the KIY) is physically outside the data storage devices, like your PC, laptop, or phone.

The user can access the protected data anywhere, by using his KIY to login and access the information on the cloud, using any computer (not necessarily his own). This makes it very convenient.