Started with Security Market

Over a decade of data security expertise.

Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST) was founded in 2001 by Mr Desmond Hsu and Dr Joe Qiao, from Kent Ridge Digital Laboratory (KRDL), the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), an A*STAR organisation. FAST started with providing customized cryptography solutions for the security industry with following valuable features:

  • Hardware-based, true random cryptographic keys generation and secure key storage to enhance overall security strength (SAFER).
  • Dedicated hardware cryptographic processing to boost up entire cryptographic performance (FASTER).

The name, Fast And Safe Technology, outlines our promise to make traditional software based data encryption FASTER and SAFER.  FAST has delivered ten millions of dollars of hardware-based cryptographic products to security markets in Singapore and China.

Redefine The Market Boundary

Traditionally, Cryptography has been deployed mainly by governments and militaries, where there is no data ownership; no one owns the data and data security cannot be controlled by any individual user.


FAST reviewed its business strategy and decided to redefine its target user market.  Applying the same technology but to a new group of user, who were not security-user – the data-owner.  Unlike the traditional no-data-ownership-user, data-owner prefer to control the data security themselves rather than depend on other parties, because losing or leaking the data will cost them either financial loss or loss of repute.  These data-owners could be SME business owners, senior management, professionals like medical doctors, lawyers, accountants as well as individual users, such celebrities who wish to protect the privacy without involving anyone else.  FAST foresaw an increase in demand for data security and privacy protection products for this new market with the emergence of Cloud Computing & Storage.

FAST filed the first patent for its hardware-based, user-controlled KEY management security system, KIY technology.


FAST received the first patent, and started improving the KIY technology to address the user issue of no registration (forget or lazy),  forgotten passwords and recovery the loss of the KIY.


FAST filed the second patent for its user self-authentication, self-manage and self-recovery KEY management system which allows the user to:

  • Reset the forgotten password themselves, with no registration.
  • Recover the lost KIY themselves, involving no others.

FAST received the PCT approval of the second patent for the worldwide market.


FAST received the Singapore patent, and decided to open this user-controlled security system to all Cloud based applications and services, to transfer the data security control from the Cloud service providers to the user, so that the service-user can protect his data without relying on the service provider.

FAST filed the third patent for the potential future mobile device market.


FAST received the US patent and European Union Patent.  Has attracted two application partners, successfully integrated the KIY security system to the two data, file protection applications for data-owner to store and backup their sensitive private information or confidential business data to Cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive without worrying about internet or ransomware attacks as well as from others accessing the data.  They can also  share or exchange the encrypted data with another KIY-user without involving any 3rd party.

FAST is looking for different application partners, offering the patented KIY technology, for them to differentiate from their competitors, to let their customers to protect the data themselves.