Hardware KIY


Hardware KIY

KIY, a hardware controller,

for user to hold and control

the data security.


KIY Advantage

  • KIY is physically separated from the protected data.  Even if the encrypted data is stolen, lost or hacked, it is always safe because the key (stored inside the KIY) is physically outside the data storage devices.

  • The key always follow the user who carry the KIY. The user can access the protected data anywhere, using any computer (not necessarily his own computer) together with the KIY. It is very convenient.

KIY Features

KIY provides following three (3) key features:

  1. Protect your private information,

  2. Share encrypted data with another KIY-user,

  3. Authentication for payment, access control and product or service login.


One KIY for ALL

One hardware KIY for multiple software,

One security KIY for multiple applications.

Hold One KIY to protect All data and All applications in All devices.