Military Technology
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SME & Consumer

Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST) has been developing extra-secure hardware-based cryptographic technology since 2001. Our hardware security KEY management systems are used by the Military, the Banking & Finance sector and Government Agencies. We have now extended this advanced technology to data-owners: SME business owner, senior management, payroll controller, and professionals like medical doctor, lawyer and accountant etc. who wish to control the data security themselves, without depending on other parties – internal IT personnel or external service provider.  It is also for Individual users who wish to protect their privacy without involving anyone else.


Control our own data security,

without depending on other parties.


Everyone protect privacy himself.

Our Philosophy

Keep-it-Yourself or KIY. Over a decade of security experience confirmed us that the only way for your data to be truly safe is to manage the data security yourself, without involving outsiders. If any other party is involved in the security process, there is risk of data leakage. The KIY philosophy has been the driving force behind everything we do, right from day one.