Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST) has been developing secure hardware-based cryptographic technology since 2001.Our hardware security management systems are used by the Military, the Banking & Finance sectors and Government Agencies.

We recognise that more businesses and consumers are aware of the fact that cybersecurity is at a stage of being business-critical.

This is where our patented cyber security technology comes in.

We can now extend this advanced user controlled technology to data-owners:

Businesses and SMEs

Ideally, SMEs, and professionals like medical practitioners, lawyers and accountants etc. would like to control the data security themselves.

Without having to rely on internal IT personnel or an external service provider.

You, the consumer

Having the ability to access your personal data, or hide it away at your convenience is an added advantage.

Our Vision

Ensuring that across the globe, all consumers will be able to protect their own privacy through our patented technology.

Our Mission

Giving all consumers the power to take charge, and manage their own data without depending on external parties.

Our Philosophy

The Keep-It-Yourself (KIY) philosophy has always believed, that the only way to secure one’s data is to manage it yourself.

As such, data leakage is kept to a minimum.

This is the driving force behind all we do, to bring user controlled data security to the end user with minimal fuss and with maximum value added to the consumer.