Keep It Yourself

Data Security without relying on others
User controlled privacy protection

The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically in recent times. Business owners and individuals are more aware that their personal data stored on cloud platforms are susceptible to being hacked anytime and anywhere.

Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST) foresaw an increase in demand for data security and privacy protection products for this new market with the emergence of Cloud Computing & Storage.

Data protection has never been more crucial, with the recent cases of high profile data leaks across the globe.

Trusted “secure” cloud storage platforms by reputable companies are no longer a guarantee that your information is in safe hands.

Now, with FAST’s KIY (Keep-It-Yourself) patented technology, the power shifts back to the consumer, by allowing all businesses, organisations, and end users to protect their own privacy themselves, involving no one else.

Here is everything you need in one KIY, everywhere you go.